„Underwater Love“
A multi-artist-portfolio showing the beauty of the sea (curated by Nadiia Doicheva & Christian Barthold)

Tatsuro Kiuchi: „at all costs”
(from Tatsuro Kiuchi's 2nd Behance-page for paintings)
Helen Xu: „Where's my Dragon?”
Chiara Cappelletti: „Compenetrazione”
Van Lieshout VI: one piece from her series „Native soil: Man”
Theda Mimilaki: Το Πετροκάραβο
Massimiliano di Lauro: „Goodbye Summer – summer drawing”
Joanna Spicer: „Sardinas à la Antigu”
Stef Rymenants: „The Dream”
Nadiia Doicheva: „Underwater Love”
James Cassel: „on water” (again)
Xiao Hua Yang: „Ideal Boys”
Ada Jarzębowska: From her series „Collages 2017”
Pedro Amaro: „Different Fish Tanks”
Shabnam Miri: „Sketchbook work”
Yuki Kitazumi: „Sea Side 02”
Isabella Conti: one piece from her series „Silent Stories”
Christian Barthold: „Trani Harbour Scene”
Tatsuro Kiuchi: „Whale”
(from a children's picture book about lifes and behaviour of sea animals)
Rita Quattrocchi: „Murene”
Daniel Wimmer: „Tarnmodus”
Ewa Paukstyte: „Saving Barbie”
Makoto Funatsu:
A Painting from an exhibition at HB Gallery called „Moment”

Nora Bilderwelten: „Highly sensitive People”
Chiara Criniti: „Fondale in Blu”
Gianluca "Tenia" Gambino: „Mauvais Garçon”
Dmitry Geller: „Variety of Fishes”
Béla Borbély: „Amphibians”
Eduardo Martinez: „We'll always have the Nautilus”
Tsubaki Office: „Tiger Ranchu”
Tony Belobrajdic: a piece from his series called „Men and Fish”
Shirako / しらこ: „Square in the Sea”
Veronica Stehr: „Soul Ignite”
Joanna Spicer: „Underwater”
(a piece exclusively done for Underwater Love)

Guenther Zimmermann: From his series „Black Sea sketchbook”
Yuichi Suzuki: From „Nature Collection by SEVENTRAPS”
Sara Ugolotti: „The Wave”
Lina Kusaite: „Octopus”
Peter Oey: „Captures from the Zoo”
Theda Mimilaki: „untitled”
Antonio Reinhard: „Angel's Eggs” – inspired by the animated film „Angel's Egg”
Eugenia Dudnikova: „Turtles”

Victoria Fomina: „Little Mermaid”
(from an illustrated biography about Hans Christian Andersen)

Charis Tsevis: „Mermaid 1”

Nancy Wood: „Underwater World”
Robert Ritter: „Seestück”
Kerstin Kuntze: „The Joy Of Losing Your Mind”
(part of her series ~ Wasserlust°)
Irene Fioretti: „ • M U S I P E S C I •”
(illustration made for the Sofar Sound Milan's card)
Stef Rymenants: „Small Underwater Demon”
Christian Barthold: „Im Korallenriff”
(some illustrations from an unpublished childrens book, done as a student)
Luba Haleva: „Whale Walk”
Marko Marinković: „The Amplitude of Business”
Kerstin Kuntze: „The Joy Of Losing Your Mind”
(part of her series ~ Wasserlust°)
Peter Oey: „Captures from the Zoo”

Charis Tsevis: „Mermaid 2”
bottle j: „ 瓶子里的小精灵
Van Lieshout VI: detail from her work „Walk of Waste”
Bettina Güber: „Shells”
Rita Quattrocchi: „Sirene Blu”
Christian Barthold: „Fishes”

Tatsuro Kiuchi: From: „The ocean, stars and a half moon” 
(illustrations for a short novel written by Hiroto Kawabata)

Nadiia Doicheva: „Underwater Love 2”
Kenneth Pils: „Paradise”
„Underwater Love”
A multi-user-portfolio curated by Nadiia Doicheva & Christian Barthold.

(Music by Christian Barthold's band called Versuchsanordnung.)
This is about love and about the beauty of the sea.

Thank you for Enjoying!

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