Struggling with kidney cancer is a thing in itself. If we add to that the natural intimidation that the patients feel towards the doctors in these stressful and demanding moments, 
the problem scales out of proportion. 

Fortunately, our animation for World Kidney Cancer Day campaign 
deals right with that by emphasizing the need of having open conversations on both sides.

Our goal was to create animation that would make doctors and patients aware 
of the issue and secondly, provide the solutions. 

Patients were encouraged to ask questions, while doctors were instructed to show a variety of treatment options to their patients. By doing so, we were removing the perceptions that make patients intimidated

Kidney cancer patients are mostly male and in their middle ages. 
For animation, we went with classy and culturally neutral style, that could be applied to a variety of markets and stood the test of time. 

Colors were based on the client's brand guidelines, and the constraints of a limited color palette allowed us to create racially indistinctive characters. 

This also allowed us to go with the slightly retro-vibe for the style and the motion, 
by adding animated grain and animated revealing brush textures, that would make animations stand the test of time and won't get outdated in the following years.

Creative Director: Rafał Blecharz 
Art Director: Romka Kapusta 
Animation Director: Kasia K. Pieróg 
Script (Picture Description): Maria Pawlikowska 
Storyboard: Bartek Różycki 
Key Illustration: Romka Kapusta 
Illustrations: Ludmiła Kaczmarek, Ada Jarzębowska - Zielińska, Dominika Kwiatkowska, Ola Bylica Animation: Michał Kowalczyk, Kasia Pieróg, Malwina Kleszcz, Alicja Grotuz 
PM: Kasia Kucaj, Monika Ignaś 
RM: Gosia Kucharska, Aga Jania 
SFX: Robert Ostiak
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